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Our Ships

The AMI Privateers have sailed aboard three of the finest ships (parade floats) that has ever plundered and taken as salvage on the waters off Manatee County. Here's what we believe has happened, but it's hard to swallow the tales told by these scurvy old sea dogs.

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"The Fort and Pokey"

Our first float was an old Spanish Fort won in battle with the gracious Crewe of Hernando DeSoto in the year 1976.  The Privateers refitted it as best they could; basically they rebuilt it from the ground up.  Exhausted by the rigors of the journeys and engagements the Privateers had taken it on.  Then sadly in 1985 it is told that a great gale ravaged and destroyed it.  The remains lay in ruin somewhere off the coast of Anna Maria Island. (Not really, by all accounts she was taken to the scrap yard)


"The Black Galleon"

The second ship was also plundered and taken in battle from the gracious Crewe of Hernando DeSoto in the year 1985.  I myself had come to know this ship by several names and am unsure of her proper title.  This fine Spanish galleon was stripped and refitted from stem to stern several times during her long years of service.  The Privateers sailed many voyages abroad her up & down the west coast of Florida.  Always she returned her Krewe of pirates safely to the shores of Anna Maria Island.  Yet in 1999 her service was coming to an end with the that would refit her to sail again.



"The Mystic Lady/Skullywag"

Our third ship The Mystic Lady built by the Privateers to meet the requirements & rigors of the future.  She was not given a proper christening and was never truly named The Mystic Lady.  So with that said a proper name was placed upon her bow by the Captain's wife on July 1, 2007.  The name Skullywag had been selected from names submitted to the Krewe by students which incorporated the use of Jim Hungerford’s pirate name "Skully".  Jim was very instrumental in designing and building of the new ship.





 "The Mystic Lady"

"The Skullywag"

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