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1992 - 2000 Scholarship Recipients

1992 $500.00
Scott Straight MCC Privateer Scholarship $500.00

1993 $1,100.00
Kelly Hoyer MCC Privateer Scholarship $500.00
Scott Straight MCC Privateer Scholarship $500.00
Anna Shaw Brevard Privateer Scholarship


1994 $1,000.00
Melissa MacGregor MCC Privateer Scholarship $500.00

1995 $3,000.00
Melissa MacGregor MCC Privateer Scholarship $500.00

1996 $3,000.00
Melissa MacGregor UCF Whitey Horton Memorial Scholarship $2,500.00
Greg Tyree MCC Privateer Scholarship $500.00

1997 $3,000.00
Layla Copeland

1998 $3,000.00
Layla Copeland

1999 $3,500.00
Layla Copeland FSU Whitey Horton Memorial Scholarship $2,500.00
Monica Johnson MCC Privateer Scholarship $500.00
Alyssa Mohr MCC Privateer Scholarship $500.00

2000 $5,500.00
Monica Johnson USF Whitey Horton Memorial Scholarship $2,500.00
Carmen Ray Evans UCF Privateer Scholarship $500.00
Kristin Moore MCC Privateer Scholarship $500.00
Stephanie Simmons MCC Privateer Scholarship $500.00
Lena Johnson MCC Privateer Scholarship $500.00
Danielle La Roche MCC Privateer Scholarship $500.00
Susan Russell MCC Privateer Scholarship


Scholarship Recipient thanks Privateers

I am writing this as a recipient of the Whitey Horton Scholarship from the Anna Maria Island Privateers.  I just want it to be known to everyone on the Island that I

think the Privateers are doing an excellent job of taking care of the children that live here.  They support not only the college students but provide money for the Island Community Center which benefits the kids. They also contribute to the island children by supporting Snooks Adams Kid’s Day in the park and hosting the annual Christmas Parade. The Privateers are a group of people who support the community in which they live in. I appreciate everything they have done for me.  I received my first scholarship from them when I was a freshman going to Manatee Community College.  Then because of my academic achievement, I received another scholarship for my sophomore year at Manatee Community College, and now that I’m going to the University of Central Florida in Orlando, I reapplied and was awarded the Whitey Horton Scholarship.  These scholarships have helped me cut the growing college costs.  I also want to thank those citizens who participate in the fundraisers presented by the Privateers.  Without your support, the Privateers would not have a scholarship program.  Thank you very much for your support.

Thank you Privateers for your support as I continue my education at the University of Central Florida.

Melissa MacGregor, Anna Maria Island

Reprinted : Islander Bystander Aug. 1996

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