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2021-2022 Skullywag 
      Ship's Officers


The Captain commands the entire crew as its leader.

Capt. Jamie "One Eye" Van Deusen

Second Mate

The Second Mate is the third-in-command, answering only to the Captain and the First Mate 


Adam "Duck" Cross



The Helmsman steers the ship and keeps to the course as directed by the Navigator or by the Captain during battle.


Todd Henrich

Jen Schrader



The Gunner mans and maintains the cannons. He or she must be an expert marksman and usually wields a gun or some type of projectile-based weapon.

Adam "Duck" Cross 


Ship's Surgeon
The Ship's Surgeon treats everyone's injuries and handles the sick. Chairperson of First Responders committee.


Kristen Carlton

First Mate

 The First Mate is the second-in-command of the pirate crew. He or she usually oversees the work of the other crew members, and answers only to the Captain.


 John "Lil John Arr" Rutherford



The Navigator charts the ships path, keeps it on course.

 Various Members

The Quartermaster is in charge of overseeing ship preparations and announcing when the ship is ready to set sail. They also assign crew quarters. It helps for them to have skill with weather knowledge, so as to be able to tell if it is really wise to set sail or not. Oversees all provisions required for the voyage.  
Terry "Cookie" Rappert

Grogmaster / Grogmistress

The Grogmaster/Grogmistress is in charge of overseeing the Krewe's provisions of food and drink.


Kristen "Beaver" Terrell


The Chronicler records the crew's adventures in their log book. They normally don't take part in the major activities and goings-on so as to properly chronicle the events. Chroniclers are usually historians who have noticed the various changes and epic events that tend to happen when the pirate crew gets involved, and thus have joined up with them so as to "experience history as it's being made" and record it accurately.

Mary "Xena" Lerhman

assisted by

Cindy "Bubbles" Swager

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